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Treeing Cur

The origination of the Treeing Cur dog is United State. It is known everywhere by the same name Treeing Cur. It has completed standard of the UKC or united kennel club. No other popular kennel clubs recognize this breed of dog. The UKC enlisted this breed of dog as scenthound. It is a domestic breed of dog. UKC recognized this breed of dog on 1st November 1998. This dog is employed for multiple purposes. That is why, the dog is called guardian, hunter, and stock dog. This hunts for squirrels, raccoons, bears, opossum, wild boar, bobcat and mountain lion. It is found in bog game.
This dog is found in different colors and there it has any standard according to the kennel club of colors and marking. It has wonderful working ability according to the body structure. It is a medium sized dog and it is a very fast runner. It is good as athletic and there is no major problem found in this breed. This dog has great stamina and it can work continuously for a long time without facing any problems. The coat of the dog is dense and close. The ears of the dog are dropped and remain down always. The height of the dog is from 18 to 24 inches and the weight can be from 30 to 60 pounds.
No health problem is recorded of this breed of dog. The owner should take care on this breed of dog if the dog is unhealthy or face any serious health problem. This dog is not perfect dog for living in an apartment. It needs open yard or open field. Daily exercise is necessary for this breed of dog. By the exercise and training, the dog can be a skilled breed of dog. This dog generally lives for 8 to 12 years long if it remains healthy.

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