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Polish Hunting Dog

The Polish Hunting Dog is a name of the breed of the dog. It is formally called Polish Scenthound. In The Polish language, the dog is called Gończy Polski. The dog is originated from Poland. It is recognized by Fédération Cynologique Internationale only. No major kennel club recognized this breed of dog. It is a domestic breed of dog. This breed is enlisted as a scent hound. This dog is popular since the 13th century. This dog is also used for gaming purpose. It is a scent hound breed of dog for hunting purpose. This dog is available two different types. In many old books, some information found on this breed.
The interface of the dog is different due to the body structure. The dog is fully compact body structure. The bone of the Polish Hunting dog I strong but not heavy at all. The body is longer than any general breed of dog. The weight for the male and female Polish Hunting is from 22 to 26 kg. The height of the dog depends on the sex of the dog. The height of the male Polish Hunting Dog is from 22 to 23 inches and the height of the female Polish Hunting Dog is from 20 to 22 inches.
No serious problem is found in this breed of dog and the dog is a very healthy breed of dog but it may be infected by some common health problems. Cancer, hip problems, eye problems, ear problems are a common problem for every breed of dog. Black large dog usually face cancer. This dog lives for 10 to 13 years long. The temperament of the dog is from gentle, courageous, stable, brave, trainable and intelligent. The dog is easy to manage and it is a trainable breed of dog. It needs exercise for keeping the dog healthy.

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