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Slovakian Rough-haired Pointer

The Slovakian Rough-haired Pointer is a breed of dog and this breed of dog looks different due to the coat. The dog is originated from Slovakia and this dog is also called Slovensky Hrubosrsky Stavac, Slovensky hrubosrsty Stava? and Slovensky Oha? Hrubosrsty. This is a domestic breed of dog and it is recognized by only Fédération Cynologique Internationale which is also known as World Canine Organization in the English Language. This dog was recognized after the World War II. It is a popular breed of dog and it is chosen as a pet by many people for keeping the dog as a companion or other purposes.
The interface of the dog is not so special. This dog is found of same body type of three different varieties. The dog is covered by the rough coat. The hair of the coat is harsh. The length of the dog is very moderate. The color of the coat can be different types and it can be a gray-brown or silver coat. On the coat, you may get lighter and darker shades of gray. There is no much information is found on the temperaments. The average height of the dog is between 22.5 and 27 inches. The average weight of the dog is between 55 to 77 pounds.
There is no health problem found in the breed of dog. As the dog is not a recognized breed of dog, so the survey was conducted on this breed of dog on health condition. This dog is not properly suitable for living in an apartment. This dog likes to stay outside or in the home where the yard is found. Exercise for the dog is important for keeping the dog healthy. By the training, the dog can be well skilled. The owner should groom the dog for keeping the dog healthy and attractive.

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