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Pyrenean Shepherd

The Pyrenean Shepherd is a breed of dog and this dog is called by Berger des Pyrénées, Pastor de los Pirineos, Petit Berger and Pyrenees Sheepdog. Pyr Shep is a nick name of the dog. The origination of the dog is France and Spain. This dog is recognized by the all major kennel clubs and all of these major kennel clubs are American kennel club, The kennel club, Canadian kennel club, United kennel club and Fédération Cynologique Internationale. This domestic breed of dog is found in the classification as herding dog. It is a medium to small breed of dog and it is a mountain dog.
The dog is attractive and cute. If the dog Pyrenean Shepherd is small and then the dog is easy to carry. This dog is found in two varieties and these are Rough-faced and smooth-Faced. The head of the dog is small and flat skull. The body of the dog is lean and long as well. It is energetic breed of dog. This dog can be coved by two different types of coat. These are smooth-faced and rough-faced. It is modest face and neck breed of dog. The coat does not cover the eyes of the dog. This dog is available of brindles and various shades of grey. Solid colors of Pyrenean Shepherd are very popular but other colors combination Pyrenean Shepherd is also found.
The weight of the male dog is from 45 to 55 pounds and the weight of the Pyrenean Shepherd female is from 30 to 45 pounds. The height of the Male Pyrenean Shepherd is from 16 to 20 inches; Female Pyrenean Shepherd is from 15 to 19 inches. This breed of dog is attractive and strong. It is agile, obedient, trainable, energetic, flyball, socialized tracing events etc. This dog is found to join in many activities.
The health condition of the dog is not at all. No serious problem has been infected this breed of dog. This dog remains alive around from 15 to 17 years long. Hip dysplasia and eye problems are common in this breed of dog. Elbows and ear problem is also common in this breed of dog. This dog has enough stamina and this is why, it is perfect for doing highly exercise. This dog is restless and become active always. This dog can live well in apartment. It does not face any problem for the small space. Grooming is also important for this breed of dog.

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