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The Pointer is a name of the dog and this dog is a very large breed of dog. This dog is called by another name which is English Pointer. The origination of the dog is England. It is a recognized breed of dog and all major kennel club recognized this breed of dog and stored information in these kennel club. Those major kennel clubs are United kennel club, the kennel club (UK), New Zealand Kennel Club, Canadian kennel club, Australian National Kennel Council, American kennel club, Fédération Cynologique Internationale (in English: World Canine Organization). These kennel club recognized this breed of dog as Gundog and sporting breed of dog. This dog is a strong breed of domestic dog.
The appearance of the dog is a necessary thing to identify the dog. The height of male Pointer the dog is 60 to 70 cm and the height of female Pointer the dog is 58 to 66 cm and the weight of the male Pointer the dog is 25 to 34 kg and the height of female Pointer the dog is from 20 to 30 kg. The dog is covered by the dense, short, smooth with a sheen. The coat color can be anything as base and it must be a solid color breed of dog. The common color markings are found on the dog are a lemon, liver, orange or black markings.
The dog is tempered, amiable, attractive, loyal, attentive, kind, intelligent, active and affectionate. This dog is a very energetic breed of dog. This dog loves to do exercise and get training. Most of the time, the dog is found happy. The dog remains alert with the strangers and it does not become friendly with strangers fast. The dog may fly away if the dog is not chained or remain unleashed. This dog is swift in running.
This dog generally lives for more than 12 years and the result is found by from the survey of the UK kennel club. Some common problems like cherry eye, hip dysplasia, epilepsy, and allergies are found in this breed of dog. If the dog does not get treatment properly, then the situation of the health can be worse.
This dog is very skilled breed of dog and it does not need any help to get a perfect hunter dog. It has some natural ability to be a perfect hunting breed of dog. This dog is also known as a bird dog for its skill.

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