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Old English Terrier

The Old English Terrier is a breed of dog and this dog is the large type of dog. The dog is not very attractive breed. This dog is called also Black Terrier due to the color of the coat. The origination of the dog is England. It is not highly standard breed of dog and it is recognized by National Terriers Club LLC. No major kennel club recognized and stored any information about this breed. Generally, this breed of dog is a wonderful dog for its temperaments. The dog is intelligent, active, friendly and innovative. It can stay with family in an apartment. It is easy to train the dog due to its intelligence. It is very socialized and good pet with the children and other breeds. It is vigorous type dog
The dog is short and flat. The dog is covered by the shiny and smooth coat. It is a very energetic breed of dog. It well behaves breed of dog. It is a tireless breed of dog. It has enough confidence and sufficient patience. The weight of the male Old English Terrier is 35 to 75 pounds and the weight of the female Old English Terrier is 32 to 72 pounds. The average height for both male and female Old English Terrier dog is from 1 foot, 9 inches to 1 foot, 10 inches.
This dog suffers from some common health problems and those are Deafness, Hereditary Nephritis, and skin problems. The owner should take care the dog if any problem is found in this breed. This dog is highly an intelligent breed of dog and this dog is perfect for getting training quick. It needs exercise and training for making the dog smooth. It is playful with kids and other pets. This dog is easy to purchase and it is easy to maintain. ?

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