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Norwegian Lundehund

The dog Norwegian Lundehund is also called Norsk Lundehund and Norwegian Puffin Dog. the common nick name is Lundehund and the origination of the dog is Norway. It is a recognized breed of dog by only three popular kennel clubs and this dog does not fil up the requirements of other kennel clubs according to the standard. The dog is recognized by American kennel club, United kennel club, and Fédération Cynologique Internationale. The look of the dog is not attractive or special. This dog is somewhat similar to the wolf dog. This dog has the strength and powerful running capacity. It is recorded as Non-Sporting and Northern Breed.
The size of the dog is small and it is a rectangular Spitz type dog. It runs smoothly. The weight of the dog is from 6 to 7 kg and the height of the dog is 30 to 40 cm. The toes of the dog are six. The dog is well muscled breed of dog and it is very stronger breed. The coat of the dog is double layered. The outer coat of the dog is dense and the under coat is soft. This is a very popular and attractive breed of dog which is popular since ancient time.
The health of the dog is generally attractive and no major problem is found in this breed but common health problems are found in this breed. This dog has digestive disorders problem and it cannot absorb nutrients from food. Some problems have no cure and digestive disorders are such type of problems. The owner should study about this breed of dog before buying. It is necessary to buy the dog from a reputed and trusted breeder. There are many ways where you buy the dog. You can order the dog from online pet store easily.

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