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Mountain Cur

The Mountain Cur is a breed of dog and this dog is a domestic breed of dog. Actually, not many kennel clubs recognized this breed of dog and only one major kennel club recognized this breed of dog. The United Kennel Club (UKC) recognized and registered this breed of dog as Scenthound breeds. The dog looks like a mess due to the color of the coat. This dog was originated from the United States. It is a working breed of dog. This dog is mainly used hinting and small gaming purposes. It is used for hunting and chasing for squirrel and raccoons. It also used for hunting and chasing bear and wild boar. This is a perfect dog for farm related work and it is also suitable as a water dog. This breed of dog is not available in any country much but it is found in Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio and Virginia. This dog was originated in 1957.
The appearance of the dog is not attractive at all. The coat of the dog is short and the colors of the dog can be blue, brown or brindle and yellow coloration. Some white marks are visible on the chest and face of the dog. That is why, this dog looks messy. This dog is quiet, intelligent, protective, courageous and tough. It is easy to give training. It does not make a problem for the trainer for giving training. It is a good as a guard dog. It is very obedient and happy breed of dog.
This dog lives for 14 to 16 years long and no any serious health problem recorded of this dog. Some common health problems are found in this breed of dog like any other breeds. The buyer of the dog should study on this breed of dog before buying this dog and buy it form a responsible breeder.

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