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Moscow Watchdog

The dog Moscow Watchdog is also called Moskovskaya Storozhevaya Sobaka and the origination of the dog is the Soviet Union. This dog cannot meet the requirements of the standard dog. So, no kennel club recognized this breed of dog. This dog descends from the several breeds of dog and those are St. Bernard, Russian Spotted Hound breeds and Caucasian Shepherd. This dog has mental similarities with the Caucasian Ovtcharka. It is very large size breed of dog. It is also powerful and very gentle breed of dog. Now this dog is very popular in Europe and it is known as a watchdog. It is a rare breed of dog for the outside of the Soviet Union.
The weight of the Moscow Watchdog is from 45 to 68 kg and the height of the dog is from 2.1 to 2.3 ft. It is wonderful and supportive for the owner family of the dog. It is related with the mountain breed of dog. It is a muscular and strong breed of dog. The Moscow Watchdog is covered by the thick coat. It can run fast for the powerful legs. The coloration of the coat of the dog is red and white mixed. The tail of the dog touches the floor and it is a puffy tail. It has a well arched chest. It is very confident and brave dog. It can set itself as a leader of the dog.
Among all of the healthy breeds of dog, this breed of dog is one but it cannot overcome the risk of some common health problems of dogs. Hip problems are a common problem in this breed. Other some small health problems are found in this breed. This dog lives in a small apartment. This dog needs regular exercise and long walk which can make the dog healthier and happier.

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