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Montenegrin Mountain Hound

The Montenegrin Mountain Hound is a rare breed of dog and this dog is not available in every country. Even this dog is not much popular in the Montenegro. The origination of the dog is Montenegro. This dog is called in Crnogorski planinski goni? Montenegro language. It is not highly standard breed of dog and for this reason, not many kennel clubs recognized this breed of dog. This dog is recognized by the only FCI or Fédération Cynologique Internationale. No other major kennel club recognized this breed of dog. This dog is used for hunting fox, hare, and another gaming purpose.
The dog is covered by the long coat and the coat of the dog is very smooth. The color of the coat is black and tan color combination. Due to the color of the coat, the dog was called Black Hound. This dog is originated from the same place of the Balkan hounds. The weight of the dog is 44 to 55 pounds and the height of the dog is from 18 to 22 inches. This dog can run fast because it has strong legs. This dog is registered as Yugoslavian Mountain Hound by the FCI.
This dog highly needs highly exercise. If you want to get a good and healthy Montenegrin Mountain Hound, then it needs excessive exercise. This dog barks often if it sees strange people or person. It is not well suited breed of dog for living in the apartment. It needs training of behavior. Because it had the problem of behavior. No serious health problems are found in this breed of dog but some common health problems are found in this breed of dog. If the dog is not treated well, then the problem of the dog can be very serious problem. Grooming is important for every dog and the dog can be groomed easily.

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