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Miniature Australian Shepherd

The dog Miniature Australian Shepherd is a small sized domestic breed of dog. This dog is known since 1993. It was developed form Australian Shepherds. It is originated in the United States of America. This dog is called by another name like Miniature Australian Shepherd and the nick name of the dog is Mini Aussie. This dog is nice and it is chosen as a pet dog. It is a strong breed of working dog. It is healthy as well. Not many kennel clubs recognize this breed of dog except the American Kennel Club and United Kennel Club. The dog has fulfilled the requirements of the standard of the Miniature Australian Shepherd. It is a herding breed of dog.
The height of the dog Miniature Australian Shepherd is from 14 to 18 inches and weight of the dog Miniature Australian Shepherd is from 20 to 31 pounds. The colors of the coat of the dog are available in 16 basic colors. Those colors can be a combination of different colors. The colors of the dog can be from black, black and tan, blue merle and tan, black bicolor, self-blue merle, blue merle and white, black tricolor, red bicolor, blue merle and white and tan, self-red, red merle and white, red and tan, red tricolor, self-red merle, red merle and tan and red merle and white and tan.
Some common health problems are available in this breed of dog like eye problem, hip problem, ear problem etc. Progressive retinal atrophy is also common health problem in this breed of dog. The owner of the dog should study on this breed of dog and its health condition as if he can take sufficient take care on this breed of dog. The exercise and training can make the dog strong, skilled and healthy. So, the owner should give attention on those things.

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