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Mahratta Greyhound

The Mahratta Greyhound is a reputed or popular breed of dog. This dog is also called Maratha Greyhound and it is originated from India. It is not recognized breed of dog and no kennel club possesses information about this breed of dog. It is a rare breed of dog and no much website found on this breed of dog. This dog is a native breed of dog. It is smooth and coated breed of dog. You may not get all information in all website about this dog. This is a domestic breed of dog. As it is rare in India, so you may get this breed of dog in India only.
The dog is not a very attractive breed of dog. The tail of the dog is docked and chest is inside somewhat or deep chest. The dog is not available in other provinces of India. The dog is covered by the smooth coat. This dog is found in different colors and different color marks are available. The size of the dog is 21 inches. Comparative this dog with the Saluki, this dog is found slightly smaller than Saluki. The Mahratta Greyhound is also known as sighthound. Due to the deep chest, the dog does not look attractive. It has strong back. The common colors of the dog are dark blue and tan.
This dog loves to stay out of the home. It does not need to stay in the apartment. It can watch far away. It is very cunning breed of dog and this dog can run fast. The dog is a healthy breed of dog. There is no serious health problem is found in this breed of dog but like any other breed of dog. This dog may face some common health problems like a hip problem, eyes problems or ears problems.

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