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Longhaired Whippet

The Longhaired Whippet looks like different due to the curved body. This dog is originated from the USA. However, this dog is not recognized breed of dog any popular organization or kennel club. This dog is registered by the International Longhaired Whippet Club. Even it is not known by the FCA or AKCA. This breed is a pure breed and it is completely rare breed. The breed is not attractive but it is easy to do work. If this dog is not recognized, then the dog can be found in the extinct breed of dog quick. This is very possible. It is known as hound breed of dog.
According to the personality of the dog, this dog is agile, friendly and sweet. This dog enjoys spending time with the people and other pets. Maintaining the dog is very easy. This breed of dog is not a perfect breed of dog for guarding but this dog warns owners when it sees something strange or stranger sometimes. The coat of the dog is covered by the double layered and the color of the coat can be any color. On the coat of the dog, you will see some marking. The weight of the male dog is from 11 to 13 kg and female Longhaired Whippet is from 9 to 11 kg. The height of the female Longhaired Whippet is 40 to 53 cm and male Longhaired Whippet height is from 43 to 55 cm.
The dog is a sweet and sensitive breed of dog. This is a heathy breed of dog and no serious health problem found in this breed of dog which may harm the dog. This is a reputed breed of dog according to the health but some genetic problems are available in this breed of dog. This dog can run at high speed and by the training, the owner can make the dog better in performance.

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