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Lancashire Heeler

The Lancashire Heeler is a small breed of dog. This dog was developed for the drover and herder purposes. This dog is originated from England and it is called by some other names like Ormskirk Heeler and Ormskirk Terrier. Not many popular kennel clubs recognized this breed of dog. It is recognized by the kennel club (UK), United kennel club and American kennel club. This dog is recorded in those kennel clubs as herding and Pastorial type. This breed of dog is alert, friendly, clever and intelligent. This dog has no similarity with other breeds of dogs for the body structure.
The body structure of the Lancashire Heeler is different and appearance of the dog is like gentle. The dog is covered by the harsh coat. The coat of the dog is also smooth. Due to the coat, the dog remains dry in all weather. This dog does not like water. The height and weight of the Lancashire Heeler are different for the sex of the dog. The height of the male Lancashire Heeler is from 8 to 12 inches and the height of the female Lancashire Heeler is from 10 to 12 inches. The weight of the male Lancashire Heeler is 6 to 13 pounds and the weight of the female Lancashire Heeler is from 6 to 13 pounds.
The dog lives for 12 to 15 years long. This dog can be infected by the common serious health problems and those problems are Primary lens luxation Collie eye anomaly and Persistent pupillary membranes. Eye problems are common this breed of dog. Due to the eye problems, this dog can become blind. So, when the dog becomes sick of eye problem, then the owner should take the dog to the clinic and give the dog proper care. Otherwise, this dog is very healthy and strong.
This dog is a perfect breed of dog for living in the apartment or indoor life. This dog is very active indoor life. So, you do not need to take yard included home. It is a very energetic breed of dog. This dog remains busy you by your activeness. The owner should take the dog for a walk for giving it exercise.
This dog loves grooming and this is why, it is easy to groom the dog. Combing and brushing have related the grooming. The coat of the dog can be short or long. You will groom the dog based on the coat.

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