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Labrador Husky

The origination of the Labrador Husky of the breed of the dog is Canada. This dog is neither standard not recognized breed of dog. No major kennel club recognized this breed of dog. It is a domestic breed of dog. This dog is a spitz type. This dog is very fast and strong breed of dog. This dog is a popular breed of dog in many countries. The look of the dog is a wolf. Some people get confuse for the look to see this breed of dog. The appearance of the dog is wild and it is popular since the 1300s. It is very skilled breed of dog.
This dog is recognized by the American Kennel Club and Dog Registry of America, Inc. only. Due to the coat of the dog, the dog has become attractive. The dog is covered by the double coat and both coats are thick. The owner of the dog should clean the coat by the brushing and grooming. It is necessary to maintain the dog. The height of this male dog is from 20 to 28 inches and the weight of the male dog is from 60 to 100 pounds. The female dog is shorter in size.
This breed of dog is smart and intelligent. That is why, it is very easy to give training to this breed of dog. This dog learns fast anything and trainer does not need to get pain while training. The trainer should make fun with the dog while the dog is trained.
This dog is a rare breed of dog and it has not any serious health problem. It is found that the dog lives for 10 to 13 years long. Exercise is a necessary thing for this breed of dog for making the dog healthier. Bye, the dog from a good and responsible breeder.

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