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Kerry Beagle

The Kerry Beagle dog is originated from Ireland. It is a not standard breed of dog and it is not a recognized breed of dog. It is a domestic breed of dog. It is a very hound breed of dog. This dog has come from Old Southern Hound or Celtic Hounds. This dog is found from the painting of 1915. This is not available in every country. Not much kennel club recognized this breed of dog and no major kennel club found to recognize this breed of dog. This is a strong breed of dog and it is hunting dog.
The dog is called Beagle. This dog is a medium sized breed of dog and there are not so many things are common in the dog with the Beagle. The head of the dog is broad, short coat and it has long ears. The color of the coat of the dog is a combination of the tan and black. The coat can be of white, blue and tan or black color. This dog can run fast and it has durability. It has good stamina. The height of the dog is from 56 to 61 cm and the weight of the dog is minimum 27 kg. The size may vary based on the sex.
This dog lives for 10 to 14 years long. No serious health problem is found in this breed of dog. Grooming and bathing are important for every breed of dog. If the coat of the dog remains healthy and clean, then you will get a healthier dog. The owner or breeder should brush the dog weekly. If the dog goes for hunting, then it is common that the dog becomes messy. By the training and exercise, it is possible to make the dog perfect and skilled breed of dog.

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