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Kai Ken

The Kai Ken is a breed of dog and it is called Kai and common names of the dog are Tora Dog. The origin of the dog is Japan. This is a standard breed of dog and it is a recognized breed of dog. The dog is recognized by the United Kennel club, American kennel club, and Fédération Cynologique Internationale. It is a rare breed of dog. The dog is intelligent, alert, agile and brave. As this dog is not recognized by many popular kennel clubs, so you may not get much information about his dog from any popularly recognized breed of dog.
The interface of the Kai Ken depends on the body structure and the coat of the dog. The dog is a medium sized breed of dog. The coat of the dog is double and the length is medium. The color of the coat of the dog is Black brindle, red brindle or the brindle. The height of the dog depends on the sex of the Kai Ken. The height of the male is from 50 to 56 cm and the height of the female is from 45 to 51 cm. The standard weight for both male and female is from 25 to 55 pounds.
There are many qualities found in this breed of dog Kai Ken. This dog is generally skilled and intelligent. It is found that the dog is also alert and brave. It is a good watch dog and all required features are found in this breed of dog. Kai Ken is a loyal breed of dog and friendly with the owner and owner’s family. This dog makes alert the owner if it sees any strangers. This dog is not found aggressive and it is good with all children and other pets or another breed of dogs. It loves to play in the water, cross the river and climb the trees.
This breed of dog is a healthy dog and if the dog gets exercise and training, then the dog will be more skilled and interesting. However, some general health problems may impact this breed of dog. Those problems are common in every breed of dogs. Exercise is the good method for making the dog healthy. If the owner wants to get a skilled and trained breed of dog, then he should train the dog. Before buying the dog, the dog buyer should know about the dog and make sure that buy it from a good breeder.

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