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Istrian Coarse-haired Hound

The Istrian Coarse-haired Hound breed of dog has another name and that is Istrian Rough-coated Hound. This dog is called by other names in different parts of the country of Croatia. This is called istarski o?trodlaki goni? in Croatia. It was developed during the 19th century for hunting rabbit and fox. It is a standard breed of dog according to few kennel clubs and those kennel clubs recognized this breed of dog. United Kennel club and Fédération Cynologique Internationale. It is a good choice as a hunting dog rather than a pet.
This is a domestic breed of dog has a nice appearance and the appearance of the dog is related to the color and description of the coat and body size. The color of the dog can be yellow, orange & white for the coat. The coat of the dog is wooly under coat. The topcoat length is 2 to 3 inches and the coat is long. It has hanging ears. The weight of the dog is 16 to 26 kg and height of the Istrian Coarse-haired Hound can be from 17 to 23 inches. The legs of this dog are medium sized. The tail of the dog is not docked type.
The nature of the dog is lively, even tempered, devoted, gentle, agile, docile and calm. This a good hunting breed of dog. This dog is healthy breed and no serious health problem found in this breed of dog. If the owner gives attention and takes care the dog, then it can be healthy and serve properly.
This needs training and it is also easy to train this breed of dog. As it is an intelligent breed of dog, so it gets training without giving any pain to the trainer. The owner needs to study on this breed before buying the dog.

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