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Hare Indian Dog

The Hare Indian Dog is an unavailable breed of dog. That is why this dog is found in the extinctor lost breed of dog group. It is a domestic breed of dog and this dog is called Mackenzie River dog, Trap line dog and C. familiaris lagopus (obsolete). The origin of the dog is Canada and the United States. This dog was known as Coydog. It was a hunting breed of dog and it was not recognized by any major kennel club. You will get the dog Hare Indian Dog in painting only. The dog became lost in the 19th century. It is an aboriginal breed of dog. Around 2000 years ago, the dog available.
As the dog is not available nowadays, you cannot see it know the appearance. The dog was a muscular domestic breed of dog and the head of the dog was small. The muzzle of the dog was narrow, elongated and pointed. It has erect ears and broad base. The body structure of the dog is similar to the Canadian Eskimo dog. The leg of the dog is slender and long. The tail of the dog is thick and hairy. The fur of the dog is long and straight. The dog looks like wolves. It is similar to coyote and the American red fox in size. The weight of the dog was generally from 75 pounds to 120 pounds.
This dog is now the only history. Not available information has about this breed of dog. This dog was healthy and no such record found about the health condition on this breed of dog. Some common health problems are available in this breed of dogs like other breeds of dog. Those common health problems are a hip problem, eye, and ear problem. It is difficult to know more about this breed more from any one specific site.

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