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Griffon Nivernais

At the first look, you must not love the dog Griffon Nivernais. It looks like an ordinary breed of dog and it is originated from France. This dog is often found for hunting purpose and small or large games. It is not an attractive breed of dog and it is not recognized by many kennel clubs. It is recognized by only two popular kennel clubs. One is United kennel club and another is Fédération Cynologique Internationale. This dog is very friendly and good companion with the owner. It is a perfect breed of dog for living in apartement or indoor.
The dog Griffon Nivernais is the innocent type of dog although it is not attractive, some people like this dog for this reason. This breed of dog is generally grey type. Sometimes, the coat of this dog is found the black and blue combination. You may see some white marks on the chest of the dog. The weight of the Griffon Nivernais depends on the sex but for height Griffon Nivernais both gender can be same. The weight for the male and female Griffon Nivernais is from 22.6 to 25 kg. The height of the male Griffon Nivernais is from 48 top 56 cm and the height of the female Griffon Nivernais is from 46 to 53 cm.
The life span of the dog is from 10 to 14 years long. Usually; the litter size of the dog is from 1 to 6 puppies. This dog is not super healthy breed of dog and some common health problems may make sick this breed of a dog easily. This dog does not need grooming every day. You can bath this dog when it becomes extremely dirty. This dog is friendly, lovely, stubborn and affectionate. Exercise and training make the dog very healthy and good breed of dog.

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