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Giant Schnauzer

The appearance of the Giant Schnauzer is generally different by the coat of the dog. The interface of the dog is very attractive due to the wooly coat. The dog is originated from Germany and this German dog has several names and those names are used in several places and countries. This breed of dog is called by Munich Schnauzer, Munchener, and Russian Bear Schnauzer. This is standard working breed of dog and this breed of dog was created by using another breed of dogs like black Great Dane, the Bouvier des Flandres, and the German Pinscher. This Giant Schnauzer hound is recognized by the United kennel club, Canadian kennel club, American kennel club, The kennel club (UK), New Zealand Kennel Club, Australian National Kennel Council and Fédération Cynologique Internationale.
The coat of the dog is different and this is why it is easy to recognize. The coat of the dog has covered the dog properly from head to tail. The eyes of the dog remain invisible sometimes due to the coat of the dog. The color of the coat is Black or “pepper and salt”. The coat of the dog is dense and completely weather resistance. The cheeks of the dog are flat and cheeks are well muscled. The height and weight of the Giant Schnauzer are different according to the sex of the dog. The height female Giant Schnauzer is from 23 to 26 inches or from 58 to 66 cm and the height of the male Giant Schnauzer is from 26 to 28 inches or from 66 to 71 cm. The weight female Giant Schnauzer is from 55 to 75 pounds or from 25 to 34 kg and the weight of the male Giant Schnauzer is from 60 to 110 pound or from 27 to 48 kg.
This dog is generally loyal, kind, strong willed, intelligent, powerful and dominant. However, the health condition of the dog is not good at all. Some health problems are found in this breed dog and those problems are cataracts, keratoconjunctivitis sicca, multifocal retinal dysplasia, glaucoma and generalized progressive retinal atrophy. Cancer is often found in the dark color of the dog and in this dog, some other diseases may attack like central diabetes insipidus, selective malabsorption of cobalamin, cataplexy, narcolepsy, autosomal recessive hypothyroidism and various seizure disorders. The dog needs always proper care and treatment if it is necessary or the dog is the impact of any serious disease.

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