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Fox Terrier, Wire

The Fox Terrier, Wire is a breed of dog which is connected with the Fox Terrier. This breed of dog is different according to the coat which makes the dog different than others Fox Terrier. This breed of dog is called by several other names and one common nick name. Those other names are Wire hair fox terrier, Wirehaired terrier, and Fox terrier. The common nick name of the dog is wire. The origination of the dog is England. It is well recognized breed of dog. Due to the cute and innocent interface, many people like Fox Terrier, Wire. This breed of dog is recognized by the United kennel club, Canadian kennel club, the kennel club, American kennel club, New Zealand Kennel Club, Australian National Kennel Council and World Canine Organization which is known as Fédération Cynologique Internationale.
The white marking on the face makes the dog different in color. The coat of the dog is individual and color of the coat is white. On the basis of the white color coat, some colors marking found on the dog. Those markings of the dog can be brown and black color. This dog is a developed breed of dog and the weight of the breed can be from 7.7 to 8.6 kg for male and for female Fox Terrier, Wire the weight can be 6.8 to 7.7 kg. The height of the Fox Terrier, Wire can be 39 cm. the dog is long.
This breed of dog lives for 10 to 13 years long and this dog has some common health problems and those are deafness, cataract, distichiasis, lens luxation and Legg-Perthes Disease. The owner of the dog should take care the dog properly and test the dog to veterinary center. This dog loves to play and does exercise. Training and exercise are necessary for every breed of dog.

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