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English Water Spaniel

The English Water Spaniel is a breed of dog and this breed of dog is not available now. This breed of dog is found in the Extinct group of the dogs. This dog is called also Water Dog and Water Rug. This dog was orginated from the United Kingdom. The dog was a beautiful and very attractive breed of dog. The origin of the dog is the United Kingdom. This is an old breed of dog and it is found that many people liked this breed of dog. This dog is not recognized breed of dog and there is no much information found about this dog from any kennel club. About the dog, English Water Spaniel found in the Shakespeare in Macbeth.
The appearance of the dog was beautiful and attractive. The coat of the dog was curly. The dog is very different the Irish Water Spaniel. The dog has some relation with the dog Springer Spaniel and some relations found with the dogs Poodle, Collie, and Setter. The dog was long legged. The height of the dog can be formed 20 inches. The coat of the dog was dense. The color of the dog can be from any color black, white or different colors. This dog can move and run fast.
This dog was used for hunting purpose. This dog was wonderful for working and hunting purpose. There is no any information found about the health condition of the dog English Water Spaniel. There are many diseases which are common to many dogs. Those diseases may found in the dog English Water Spaniel. Similarly, there is no information about the temperament of the dog or about the exercise.
This dog was not available in every country and this is why, it is almost impossible to know about the dog temperaments and including other information.

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