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The Bulldog looks very innocent and this breed of dog is called by other names like British Bulldog and English Bulldog. The origin of the dog is from England. This bull dog is related to other types of bull dog like American Bulldog, Old English Bulldog, Olde English Leavitt Bulldog, Bulldogge and the French Bulldog. This Bull dog is healthy and strong enough. It has a wrinkled face and pushed nose. This breed of dog is recognized by many popular kennel clubs like the American Kennel Club (AKC), The Kennel Club (UK), and the United Kennel Club (UKC). It is also recognized by FCI.
Due to the different appearance of the Bulldog many people like this breed of dog. The dog size is small and it has small legs. Generally, thick folded skin is covered the dog’s brow. It has wide set eyes. The nose of the dog is rolled. The coat of the Bulldog is short and flat. The color of the Bulldog can be from red, fawn, brindle, white and piebald. The weight and height of the dog are a very important thing. The weight of the male Bulldog is from 50 pound and female Bulldog can be from 40 pounds. The height of the male Bulldog can be from 12 to 16 inches and height of the female Bulldog can be from 12 16 inches as well.
The health condition of the Bulldog is not good. From few surveys on the health of the Bulldog, it is found that most of the Bulldog infected by hip dysplasia. Patellar luxation is another disease which also infects the dog. Allergies and hip issues are common problems for the Bulldog. Training and exercise for this breed of dog are necessary to keep the dog heathy and skilled. For learning most information about this dog, visit any kennel club site.

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