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Bull Terrier (Miniature)

The Bull Terrier (Miniature) is also called Miniature Bull Terrier. Due to body structure and face, this breed of dog can be recognized easily. This dog ha relation with the English White Terrier, the Dalmatian and the Bulldog. In documentary show The Dogs of British Island of 1872, this dog became familiar. The origin of the dog is England. Due to the appearance of the dog, many people like this breed of dog. This dog is short and it is covered by a fine and glossy coat. The coat of the dog is close to the skin. The coat of the dog is flat and it is harsh to touch. The color of the coat can be different colors like White, black, red, fawn, brindle and tricolor. It has a smaller head and the head is long. The tail of the Bull Terrier (Miniature) is also small. It has two erect ears.
The height of the Bull Terrier (Miniature) is not more than 35.4 cm and weight of this dog can be 20 to 35 pounds. This small size of the dog is wonderful as a pet and living in the apartment. This dog can live in a small space. If this dog gets proper training, then the owner will get a wonderful working dog. It is very energetic and polite which remains well with kids. The exercise for all of the dogs are an important thing and the owner should know how to train the dog.
There are some common health diseases can infect the dog and those problems can be for hearing, kidney, eye, skin, heart and knee. There are some health problems what can kill the Bull Terrier (Miniature) dog if the dog does not get treatment properly. Typically, this breed of dogs lives for from 2 to 7 years long.

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