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Black Norwegian Elkhound

The dog Black Norwegian Elkhound is nice to look black dog. This dog is called by various names and those names are Norsk Elghund Sort, Norsk Elghund Black, and Black Elkhound. This dog is also called Norwegian Moose Dog. It is a rare breed of dog. This dog is very easy to identify among thousands of breeds of dog. This dog is little small and it is covered dense hair. The dog is originated from Norway. This breed is called younger breed of dog. This is used for hunting purpose. Some people use this breed of dog as a watchdog, guard dog, and herder purpose.
The appearance of the Black Norwegian Elkhound is different and this is why it is very easy to recognize due to the coat. The coat of the dog is dense, thick, short, coarse, double coat and color of the dog is black. The standard weight of the Black Norwegian Elkhound dog is from 16 to 20 kg and height of the Black Norwegian Elkhound depends on the sex. The height of the male Black Norwegian Elkhound is from 46 to 49 cm and the height of the female Black Norwegian Elkhound is from 43 to 46 cm. It is continuously relationship with another dog.
This dog is found as mixed tempered. It is somewhat shy or aggressive as well. This dog is not appropriate in apartment life. This dog needs training and exercise if you want to get a good dog. The life span of the dog is from 12 to 15 years long. Litter size of the dog is from 7 to 14 puppies. Based on the emergency necessity, you may need to give training to the dog. This dog has some common health problems like Patellar epilepsy, luxation, bloat, and arthritis. It is necessary to be gentle while training was provided.

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