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Black and Tan Virginia Foxhound

The Black and Tan Virginia Foxhound is an American breed of dog and this dog is not available in all of the countries. This dog emerged first in the 18th Century. This dog is a breed of the Bloodhound and with the Black and Tan Coonhound. It is very good and famous dog for fox hunting. This dog is not recognized standard breed of dog. No major club recognized this breed of dog. The dog was crossed in the 1700s. All of the Walker, Penn-Marydel, Calhoun, Goodman, July and Trigg were developed from the same breed of dog. This dog is uncommon in many areas. So, it is little difficult to know or identify the breed of dog.
The Black and Tan Virginia Foxhound is faster, taller and lighter breed of dog. This dog is agile. The standard weight of the Black and Tan Virginia Foxhound from 65 to 75 pound and height of the Black and Tan Virginia Foxhound is from 21 to 25 inches. The coat of the dog is hard and short too. The color of the dog Black and tan markings on a white base. The life span of the dog can be from 10 to 20 years long.
The Black and Tan Virginia Foxhound is a very energetic breed of dog and it needs a lot of exercises and proper taking care. If the owner does not take care the dog properly, then this dog can be very destructive and face any physical problem. The owner or the trainer should be a gentle man when he trains the dog. It is good with other people and it is socialized too. That is why the owner should train it to remain socialized. This dog is pleasant, friendly, loyal and reliable temperament. There are many websites where you can learn about the training and taking care the dog.

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