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The Beagle-Harrier is another breed of dog and many people mix this breed of dog with another breed of dog. This dog is good for hunting purposes. This dog is called scent hound. This dog is originated from France. The appearance of the Beagle-Harrier is similar to Beagle. Because the both Beagle-Harrier and Beagle are from the same race. The coat of the dog is thick but not short and flat too. This dog medium sized dog. The weight of the Beagle-Harrier is from 19 to 21 kg and height of the Beagle-Harrier is from 45 to 50 cm. Before buying the Beagle-Harrier dog, the buyer should be careful and know about the Beagle-Harrier. This breed of the dog is very strong and muscular type.
The Beagle-Harrier breed of dog is the playful type of dog and it is good with other types of pet and kids too. This dog is also the loyal and relaxed type of dog. It remains the calm and very friendly type of dog. Many characteristics of the Beagle dog is found in the Beagle-Harrier. Although this dog is a good dog for hunting but it is completely ok to live as a family dog and play with the other pets. It is also a good dog as a pet in apartment life.
The main health problem of the Beagle-Harrier is Hip dysplasia. The owner of the dog should be careful about this dog. The owner should take care and give the dog proper exercise for making the dog running and working properly. This breed of dog is very old. You can learn about the history of the Beagle-Harrier online easily. There are many websites where it is very easy to learn about the training of the dog and solving many health related issue. The owner should study from different sources.

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