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Austrian Pinscher

Austrian Pinscher has a scientific name and that is Canis lupus familiaris. This is from Austria and it is originally farmed dog. This is a hunting dog and it is appropriate for keeping the area free from rats and barns. It works like a guard dog. This dog was groined in 1928. In 1928, this dog was called ?sterreichischer Kurzhaarpinscher. The same dog is called in English Austrian Pinscher. Some people cannot recognize this dog. They match the dog with another breed of dogs which are almost similar look. It looks like other farm dogs and it is good to work. It is not appropriate for a pet dog. According to the appearance, it is easy to identify the work of the dog.
If you consider the Austrian Pinscher, then you will find that this breed of is very strong and sturdy. The height of the male Austrian Pinscher becomes from 44 to 50 Cm and female Austrian Pinscher becomes from 42 to 48 CM. It is covered by the double coat and its hair becomes from short length to medium length. It is found that there are different types of colors of Austrian Pinscher hounds are available. Those common colors of Austrian Pinscher are yellow, red or black and tan etc. The weight of the female Austrian Pinscher is from 12 to 18 KG and male Austrian Pinscher is from 12 to 18 KG.
Healthy Austrian Pinscher is very important hound for any purpose. It is necessary to take care the Austrian Pinscher by the owner. Because it is necessary to remain healthy always. From the Wikipedia, it was not found much information about the Austrian Pinscher’ health. It is very socialized and playful with kids and similar breed of dogs. It is very keen, devoted, lively and alert. The life span of this dog is from 12 to 14 years. The average price of this breed of dog is $300 to $600 USD.

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