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Ariege Pointer

Ariege Pointer is also called Ariege Pointing Dog which is a breed of dog. This dog is primarily used as a hunting dog. This French hunting dog is also known as Braque de l’Ariège. People must like to use this dog for show off or pet. This kind of dog has long legs what are perfect for the running. It is very strong and energetic dog. It has long drop ear. The tail of the Ariege Pointing is very short and it is called docked which is the removable tail. Coat of this breed of dog is white and short. It has larger patches which are described as orange. Its head looks like a head nut.
The height of the Ariege Pointing depends on gender. Male Ariege Pointing becomes from 60 to 67 cm when it stands and female Ariege Pointing becomes 56 to 65 cm. This breed of dog is not heavy but these are enough strong. It is from Ariege region of the Pyrenees. It looks very decent dog. This breed was developed by Braque Francais and Braqque Saint-Germain in 20th Century. Braque Francais and Braqque Saint-Germain are the local dogs there. It has become popular and active since world war 2.
In 1990, a team decided to work with the Ariege Pointer and them good positive result. Ariege Pointer is very strong and active. By the regular training, it becomes stronger what is necessary for a hunting dog. Usually, the life span of the Ariege Pointer is from 12 to 15 years long. Many people like this dog although these are good for pet or show off. Because it has a nice looking attractive face. The owner of the Ariege Pointer should give attention to the Ariege Pointer. Because it has many health problems. It is very friendly with the kids and it is very socialized.

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